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This is one of those awkward moments of introduction, right? Okay, here goes. I use the moniker AR Neal, which is short for my whole name; I hyphenate because I’ve been married twice and my son has the first husband’s last name.

In case anyone is reading this and is remotely interested, I am a woman; check around the site and you’ll find photos of me …

So I’ve had another one of my famous epiphanies.

I am an activist, or should I say I am on my way to being an activist. I now realize the heroes of my life–my nana, my dad, Jesus, Angela Davis, Dr. King Jr., Malcolm X, my former husband, our pets, Gandhi, and a host of others who have crossed my path as bright and shining lights for only a moment — have lived their lives (and in some cases, given them) for causes worthy of our attention. While I am under no illusions that I fit into the same class or category as any of those mentioned above, I pray to be able to appreciate their perseverance, resolve, resilience, and vulnerability (thank you, Brene’ Brown!) and have some of those qualities attributed to me one day.

Welcome to a place for my thoughts, comments, rants, and ravings that don’t fit with the other random musings I post on blogs for my family and such.

Confused? You should be.

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  1. Well, you’ve finally arrived! I nominated you for a shameless, self-promoting “Beautiful Blogger” award. Please accept it as a compliment, as I really do appreciate your blog. As for how you respond, you can keep passing it along (and accomplish world peace, or something like that) or just sleep easier tonight knowing that someone values your work.

    Should you decide to pass it along, find out how here – http://writingforfoodinindy.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/a-beautiful-blogger-award-am-i-blushing-or-is-my-blood-pressure-going-up/

    1. {takes a bow, and passes the baton} Thank you, sir! I like arriving, so long as it’s not on an airport carousel from which I cannot escape…but that’s a different story… πŸ™‚

  2. I just found your blog and find it fascinating. You have a way with words that I really enjoy. I found you as I was searching wordpress for writing/photography blogs. I just started a blog and after reading your post “Picture it & Write” thought you might be interested in joining my new group: http://www.storiedimpressions.wordpress.com. I love the idea of taking a photograph and writing the story that jumps out. I’ve just started and asking anyone who is interested to join me. Thanks for your posts, I’m enjoying them.

    1. Thank you! I just checked out Storied Impressions–very nice idea, by the way, and you take lovely photos. I look forward to submitting. I don’t use my Flickr account much but maybe you’ve just given me a purpose for it!

  3. Fantastic! That is exactly the idea – fun. Glad you’re joining me/us. Looking forward to seeing your posts – email me if you have any problems with the Flickr part: storiedimpressions at gmail dot com.

    1. Thank you so much, Tara! Thank you for reading πŸ™‚ My “day job” is in higher education, so for the most part I find myself becoming activated (which is really at the core of activism–being activated regarding a problem, issue, cause, etc., which could include what we typically view as activism: marching, writing petitions, etc. etc. or more generally drawing attention to something by speaking out about it or on its behalf) regarding issues that affect the marginalized, or those whose voices have more often been silenced (the poor, people of color, gender equality issues, faith-based inequity, ageism, beautyism…). My focus changes and as I continue to find my writing voice I believe I will continue to focus on a variety of issues.

      1. Fantastic! I’m having a lovely day for chats about activism. I completely agree with your comment that activism really is about being activated. I have often thought about it as a flame being ignited. I’ve recently met someone who suddenly had a blowtorch turned on within her and she’s currently exploring direction. Quite exciting.

        What I find really interesting, and it’s only an initial observation and likely a bit reductionist, but I see generalists and specialists in activism. The former (a category I loosely put myself in, I suppose) applies a set of values and methods to the world. There is a problem or group that requires attention, the generalist helps. The focus turns to what demands attention. The specialist, on the other hand, has a specific focus – gay rights or single teenaged mums, for example – and can use a really in-depth knowledge of specific history and issues and apply them to the issues at hand. We need both.

        Anyhow, I go on. But I’m very glad to have run across your blog πŸ™‚

        1. I completely agree–we certainly need both! I welcome your comments as we all take this journey called life together πŸ˜‰

          Andree’ Robinson-Neal, EdD

          Β“Seek peace, and pursue it. (Psalm 34:14b)Β”

  4. Hey. πŸ™‚ Carrie from chasingervery.blogspot.com. The the story you wrote for our prompt entered you into our monthly ad contest and you won! (Link: http://chasingrevery.blogspot.com/2013/04/a-to-z-c-snapshot-prompt.html) On Wednesday we’ll post a button for your page. I can make one inspired by your blog, or you could send me a photo this weekend and I can use that for the button. Once I make it, you’re free to take a copy yourself if you like, and it will be posted on the pages of all the blog hostesses for the next month. πŸ™‚

    1. Wow!! Thank you!! What should the image size be? I’ll get right on it and will email you the image once I have the dimensions πŸ™‚ Thanks again!!

  5. AR Neal It’s a delight to meet you. I’ve been looking for my writing voice too. It’s here somewhere. lol

  6. I admire all the people you have mentioned (except your nana , your dad, your husband and your pets, although I probably would admire them if I ever had the chance to meet them.

    What I have found is that doing one good deed a day, for one person at a time, will lead to to your goal, whatever it is. Best wishes on your journey.


    1. Yes, if you knew them, you would admire them too πŸ˜‰
      I agree that a good deed a day does more wonders than anything! Thanks for stopping in!

    1. Thank you so much!!!! I will post it prominently on my site after crafting a post that will honor others who have helped grow this wonderful WP family! Blessings to you and keep up the great work!!

  7. I realised something this morning…I wasn’t following you. I’ve seen your avatar everywhere – even on my own blog when you’ve been kind enough to “like” one of my stories – yet I’ve not followed you. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen you around so much, and read some of your flash fiction stories when I’ve clicked on the “little blue froggy linky thing” that I thought I was following you. I’ve remedied that now, and I look forward to reading all of your excellent stories. Blessings in abundance.

    1. Thank you so much for following! I try to explore various genres but I tend to stay close to literary and speculative fiction, just so you know!

  8. Hey you! I finally got time to venture out into Blogland…. Love the new look site (which may not be ‘new’ …. it has been a while!) I have started organising the Inkspill schedule and am interested in taking you up on your offer (especially as I now realise 3 days was ambitious for a 1st attempt at a virtual writing retreat… it was because the wellwoman weekend – which was my original inspiration was a full weekend!)

    Searching blog for contact details. If I can’t find any could you leave some on the Inkspill sticky post at the top of my blog or use (with a real @ sign) awritersfountain at hotmail.co.uk

    Thanks hon

  9. Hey, I just reread your mythology workshop story! It is awesome! πŸ˜€ I wanted to leave you the comment I prepared but unfortunatly I could not find how to post it πŸ™ Anything I am doing wrong or am I looking to the wrong places?
    Best regards, hope you are having a wonderfull day! πŸ™‚

    1. Hello and thank you so much! I have my posts set to stop allowing comments after a certain number of days, but you found my “About” page, and that’s just as good!!
      I hope you will stop by from time to time in the future also!

  10. Hello AR!
    Hope all is going well over here!
    Just wanted to pop by and say a huge thank you for all of your support this year with The Paperbook Collective. I loved reading and publishing your flash fiction, so if you ever have any floating about in the future send it my way! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your family, all the best for 2014.

  11. Hi AR! This is Leanne from over at Writings and Ruminations. I just wanted to let you know that we are featuring you/your blog as our featured monthly blogger for Writer Wednesday Blog Hop. I know you haven’t written for the hop in while, but we just want you to know that we still consider you part of our community and want people to continue hopping over to your blog to check out your stuff!

    I pray you are well.


    1. Hi Leanne! Thank you so much; I am getting started in my own entrepreneurial endeavors so yes, I have not been very visible… I am so honored to be featured!

  12. One to the most honest and engaging “Abouts” or introductions I’ve ever read (and that’s a lot.) We share many heros, though I don’t know your husband, dad, nana or your pets, but I trust your judgement. I’m going to follow you, but please don’t get frustrated with me. I’m a writer by profession, so you know I get lost in my head a lot (not necessarily a bad thing) and can become a character in my own stories. Be well, and never stop what you are meant to do.

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