Last Words

I was on the phone Sunday evening while the season finale of “Homeland” was on; although I did my best to keep my right ear focused on the show, it soon became a maddening game of Twister: I had the phone to my left ear, the television was to my left, and I was seated on the right side of the bed. I am tired thinking about it. Since I missed some of the subtle nuances of the finale, I decided to check it out on rerun tonight.

At one point I notice an interesting exchange between Carrie and her boss, Saul. He was sharing that she was in line for a substantial promotion, she hedges for personal reasons. Short story shorter, Saul tells Carrie that she is the smartest and stupidest f*****g person he had ever known. She turns and walks off, he turns in the opposite direction and walks off.

NOTE: partial spoiler coming next…

The story moves forward and moments later Saul is informed that Carrie is dead. Go back up a few lines and review what, in his understanding, were his last words to her. Yeah.

On December 9, 1994, my dad kissed my mom good-bye at the front door and told her he loved her as he left for work. He never made it, having been killed in a car accident a few miles away from home. Yeah.

Just because you did what you did, or your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend did what he/she did, “don’t let the sun go down on your anger”–in fact, it probably wasn’t that serious anyway and you should not let the next moment go down on your anger.

What might your last words be?

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