Write Now! Post for January 8, 2013: “Sombra”

Today’s prompt:

Steven Arvide’s day was about to get worse…

…and only his cat knew it. Steven had raised Sombra, now a large gray tabby, since finding him abandoned as a small kitten. Sombra had taken to life in the laboratory and had been generally amenable to the various drugs Steven had tried on him over the last four years. Steven was not aware, however, that a few doses ago, Sombra had developed new abilities–namely a better understanding than Steven or any of his colleagues had themselves about the human psyche .

Today, Sombra had decided to try out his new-found talents…

Critters 015

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  1. The only way I can think of to improve this post would be to add an adorable photo of a cat looking suspiciously omniscient. You might have a hard time finding one, though. Cat photos are hard to come by on the Internet.

    1. Ha! No need to troll the internet…voila! an update to the post. This is a photo of our cat Tigger, a Maine Coon mix, when he was a tiny tyke. However, the facial expression says it all…

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