From Christopher: The Cost of Caring

I mentioned in a post some time ago that I would be pulling, tugging on, and generally annoying working hard to convince my husband Christopher in order to get him to write something for this space. He consented and here is what he had to say just now [cue drum roll, please]:

It is early morning and I awake to the fresh smell of summer. Dressing quickly to get to the kitchen for my breakfast, I skip the regular freshening that I was to get in order to reach that bowl of corn puffs and good old Grade A Vitamin D milk. With that accomplished, I skip out the back door that led from our kitchen to that miraculous space also known as the back yard. Armed with my collection of Matchbox cars, I had a city to build where I could play out all those scenarios that fill my imagination.

As I set up my city, I hear chirps in the grass and set out to find out where they are coming from. To my surprise, there is a sparrow chick that had fallen from  its nest. At that moment all I want to do is help. I go to my mother and ask for her help. Together we find a box to put the bird in to keep it safe while we try to find the nest it had fallen from. We find an old piece of chiffon curtain and drape it over the box. One slice of Wonder bread placed carefully near the chick and we put the box where we think it will be safe. Feeling good about  my efforts to save this helpless bird, my day continues without a thought.

The next day arrives and it starts much the same as the day before. Hey! It’s summer. I ran outside to check on my chick. I didn’t realize it then but I assumed responsibility for its well-being. What I found was devastating. The curtain was shredded. The chick was dead. It had become  the amusement for an alley cat during the night. All I wanted to do is to ensure it had a chance to live. I had good intentions without enough information about my environment.

Today we have stats that give us a better view of our world. Truth is truth. We have to protect those of us who will be victims from those who can’t properly understand what it is to be human. The cat was just being a cat. We are more. We are morally compelled to ensure that we act in a manner that reflects our humanity. Fear-mongering and elitism have no place here. How can we have a safe place to live and raise our families if we are afraid to live in peace and  raise our families?  Hmmmmm…

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  1. I remember only too well the same thing happening when I was little. I rescued a poor little baby bird who had about ten feathers on him. Despite all my attempts to keep him warm, he died two days later.

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