Friday Fictioneers: Nana’s Closet

Ah, memories. Thanks to Friday Fictioneers, I have a new place to write about them! Today’s submission, “Nana’s Closet”:

I was four. I remember because it was just after my fourth birthday that I could no longer squeeze through the triangle made by the bottom of the bannister and the wood of the stairs. She hated it when I did that anyway, convinced that I would break my neck on the heat register below. I had found a treasure box at the back of the closet under those stairs: an old phone, a few mismatched crayons, what I found out was a menorah, and an old damaged photo. “What is this, Nana?” I had asked.

 “Old memories,” Nana answered.


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  1. i always love grandparents who give one or two word answers to questions concerning the past…and i love your imagery of you squeezing through the triangle! aww, you cute four year old. <3

  2. I agree with the other commenters – the image of the narrator squeezing under the bannister is really good – a reminder of being a small child and of the kind of things they like to do (and sometimes they like dangerous things; these days, I sympathize with Nana 😉 ).

    1. Yes, Sandra; I think of that and walking under the claw-foot dining table. I had some wonderful adventures under there a thousand years ago 🙂

    1. Ah, yes; and if the story were to continue with my Nana as the inspiration the answer to that question would be a great story. At least in my opinion 😉

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