Līgo Weekly 220w Challenge: Spain

This week’s photo challenge over at Līgo is based on Spain. Here is the photo I chose as my inspiration:

Source: ramblas.hubpages.com via Andree on Pinterest

The plane began to rise over Barcelona and she felt tears stinging her eyes. El Prat De Llobregat Airport dwindled from her site; in less than a day she would be back in Los Angeles. Her plan had been a simple get-away, a trip of a lifetime, a chance to check off one distant place on her travel bucket list that included Bora Bora and the Arctic Circle. She’d hoped to bring back a romantic adventure, but other than a few raised eyebrows at the hotel bar there had been no takers. In a city of such local beauty, she felt her flaws magnify. The hot tears rolled steadily down her cheeks; the attendant in first class offered her a small box of tissues and some platitudes about flight safety. She resisted the urge to scream and instead focused her attention on the dwindling city below. Instead of a whirlwind love affair, she took back a passion for the place and vowed to return to it someday; she would brush up on her Spanish, change her look, and come back, more comfortable in her own skin. Perhaps on that day, Los Angeles would begin its descent into distant memory.


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    1. Without doubt, I was her, but not in such a dramatic fashion. Well, maybe almost as dramatic. My plane was in Arizona flying back to Philly and my seat was in economy… 🙂

    1. Actually, a drink might have helped matters! When I had my “airplane breakdown,” a drink certainly might have made it a bit better 🙂

  1. This is so poignant. A beautiful read, full of tiny tragedies in every few lines – really it is. There’s so much there – the ‘theatre of the absurd’ in her expectations, and in ”changing her look”. I really enjoyed this, and found it illuminating.
    So she’s going back – in there lies the discussion. Is she a hopeless romantic, or full of fighting spirit? I love her dreams.

    1. I love her dreams, too, but she is a girl trying too hard. In my experience, this rarely works, as it pushes people away from you. I think her trip has taught her that.

      A well written piece 🙂

      1. There are unfortunately so many men and women who, as you mention, try too hard… I wanted to get that anxiety in there too. Glad it worked 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Thanks very much again – we’ve sorted out some problems and will be putting this in the online paper, and announcing your post in the ‘special mention’ shortly – superb posting. We’ll be running weekly with a slightly modified challenge – sorry about the bugs we spent time sorting out. http://ligoeditions.wordpress.com/. Please feel free to take and use our ‘special mention in dispatches’ logo, termed ‘Ligo Appreciation’ for your blog, should you wish. Thanks so much again.

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