Another Close Up!

I am thrilled.

I happened to stop long enough a moment ago to breathe, as it has been something of a trying day, and an amazing day–filled with oddly fantastical things.

And upon opening my email, I find that I’ve won this:

Storied Impressions Clematis Award for January 2013

So you have to go visit Storied Impressions. Here’s what you do:

Each month check out the new THEME.

Grab your camera and take photos that represent the theme to you.

Then, once you have a bunch of stellar pictures, choose your favorite and write a creative piece that shares your insight into the photo you took: story, poem etc.  Be extraordinary!  (250 words-ish)

Now, upload your photo and story to your Flickr site – (put your story in the “description” box)

  • If you do NOT have a FLICKR account, you need one to participate – watch here to see how to set one up: FLICKR Account Set UP or just go directly to FLICKR.

Once you’ve loaded your photo/words to Your Flickr site – search the groups for Storied Impressions.  Then look for the Group Pool words in pink – and join the group.

Then Add your photo!  Once a week (weekends most likely) I will snag the latest photo/words that have been added to the Storied Impressions Flickr site and post them on the blog here.   If you are a subscriber, you will get an email that there has been a new post on this site – so come by and check out your beautiful work.

THEN…See and read at least three other posts and comment, comment, comment!

Visit the site here, and jump in!


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