Trifecta Week Sixty-Three: Narrow Is

Trifecta’s word of the week is “path.”

1: a trodden way
2: a track specially constructed for a particular use
3a : course, route
b : a way of life, conduct, or thought

My little 33-word offering is based on verses 13 and 14 in Matthew 7:

For years he had fought all the worldly temptations life offered: he’d watched friends (more likely associates) die or become lost within themselves and knew that he was not interested in either path.


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  1. The way you phrased this (“For years he resisted…”) makes me wonder: what comes next? For years he resisted… but gave in? For years he resisted… and was rewarded? It definitely makes me think about the possibilities…

  2. It indeed is tough for many to hold on to their convictions & belief when their friends are heading the other way or as you said temptations lures one.But ,a few do manage to do that & thus carve a niche for themselves & thus become unique.Wonderfully written:-)

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