Anonymous Legacy, VisDare 6: Party Time

Ah, thank you WordPress Reader, and thank you, Mike Jackson for pointing me in the direction of Anonymous Legacy! This is a great photo prompt and so I could simply not let it pass without a comment, er, story. I call this 150-word bit “Party Time:”

“C’mon, already, wouldya?!”

Cassandra and I were in Sixth Form now, but she’d always had a flair for the dramatic; I kept telling her I had absolutely no desire to go with her to yet another goth party. The others that she’d dragged me to in Lewisham were beyond lame, even though I do enjoy a bit of danger now and again. However, wandering into gang territory just for a pint and a bit of a dance was too boring, even for me. After all, who wants to get owned over a spilt beer, right? But this time, she’d promised, would be different.

I didn’t like the tone in her voice, that drawn-out ‘wouldya’ of hers; it was bad enough that she insisted on picking out my outfits every time we went out. However, even I got spooked when she called me and then stepped out of my bedroom mirror.

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  1. Wo-HO! Wasn’t expecting that last line! Great take on the prompt – now I need to know what sort of party she’s taking him to; although I’m beginning to suspect that the earlier “lame” parties were all a ruse to put him off his guard….

    Thanks for joining the VisDare! Hope to see more from you in the future!!

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