Daily Prompt: Adventure Me

Today’s Daily Prompt asks you, dear reader, to participate in the joy of my words:

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

Let’s see what happens, shall we?

Aleister stood before the mirror, examining his own visage; it pleased him not, simply because he’d grown tired of it. It hadn’t been enough to just change his name–even though his new one was far less droll than the original moniker–and the change in personality had been fun for a while. As he looked into the serious and wild eyes staring back at him from the looking glass, he wondered what to do next. Herbert had left him after his outburst about finding religion, or more specifically creating it, and the street girls at the pub couldn’t do what Herbert did; a life without passion seemed wrong too. However, his relationship with Rose was improving, as was his adeptness at magic. A noise behind him: “What was that?” Aleister asked the seemingly empty room.

Okay, it’s a bit weird. Click the link on “Aleister” if you want more information about my inspiration. Feel free to take the tale wherever the magic leads you 🙂

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  1. She sat in the middle of the room isolated but so connected to everything. The images and thoughts swirled with aggression and vigor. Sadie was a mass of contradictions and fluidity that ran headlong into static movement. She took the dare but was now paralyzed by …. Sadie couldn’t put her finger on her paralysis. From the nothingness a voice boomed. Her ears perked as she leaned toward her the side of her better hearing. Or was it that she thought that was the direction of the voice? Soaking in each word with avarice, the deep timbre announced …

  2. “Oops. Crap. Sorry Aleister, didn’t mean to startle you.” A ghostly light appeared, hovering behind a chair. “I stopped by a bit early to see how things are progressing in that mind of yours.” The voice seemed to be coming from the light.
    Aleister tried to take a step back but found he was unable to move. A spell came to mind, but he found he couldn’t not move his mouth to speak the words. All the while the light moved closer until it engulfed his head.
    “Hmmm.. I see… not quite ready yet. Rose, huh? Yes, this Rose girl is going to be the opening I need. I see. Well alright then. Enjoy the next year or so Aleister, I’ll see you again soon.”

    Aleister stood before the mirror examining his own visage; it seemed to please Rose. It was decided, then. They would elope soon.

        1. Oh, that’s easy! Just ask Carrie, the “depressed deadbeat ghost” character on the “Amazing World of Gumball” cartoon. Well, that’s not exactly a ghostly light, but close enough 😉

  3. He noticed he’d left the window slightly askew and he approached it to see if the noise had come from outside. Rose jumped out at him and he shrieked in alarm throwing curses at the cat as it once again disappeared from view. His relationship was improving, yes, but it was still far from perfect.

    1. It is important to note the cheap white suit because Herbert did nothing cheap. To the contrary, he usually looked as put together as a male runway model. Allister’s eyes opened sharply and she suddenly burst into uncontrollable laughter

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