Friday Fictioneers, 8 February 2013: Budding

This week’s image evoked a number of thoughts for me, but I figured I’d go for a smile. I call this 100-word tidbit “Budding”

Barb stepped onto the plane in a daze. She saw the flight attendant indicating which seat was hers: number 2. It was a window seat in first class. She’d only flown once and to quell her nervousness she had filled out a little contest on the back of the flight magazine, and won. Here she was on an all-expense-paid trip to the Big Island. She sat and gazed out the window as the reflection of the setting sun glinted off the side of the plane. “Hello,” he said, taking his seat next to her. Shared smiles now; adventure to come.

copyright: Rich Voza

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  1. Sounds like the beginning of a crazy romance…That is one lucky lady, first the upgrade and then the guy…enjoyable.


      1. True; this character has her own internal conflict, so there are so many ways such a story could progress…we have her with her own issues, we have a new man (who could be just what she needs, whether she knows it or not, or could be her worst nightmare), who knows!

  2. Winner winner chicken dinner. Did she simply win a trip or a lifetime partner and love? I like the tones here. Good for her and her fear of flight. A new man will amke the time pass so qucikly.

  3. Hahaha Joe! I haven’t herd that one in a minute 🙂 “Winner winner chicken dinner” It is true that there are things that can distract us on flights, and this one is better than the list that Sandra and I came up with in earlier posts!

    1. Thank you, Shirley! I agree–let us hope that this is a good win; there are times that the wins are not so good…like “winning” a visit from Kirby vacuum guy… LOLOL

    1. 😉 Maybe, but I don’t think that was a Virgin Airlines plane…don’t think there’s enough room on any of the others these days! Hahaha!

  4. Dear AR,

    Who is this ‘Dough’ character?

    Great story. I remember her. She was very nice to talk to. We had Mai Tais and seared Sashimi after we landed. Parted friends.



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