VisDare 7: A Change of Plans

Ah, it’s VisDare time–huzzah! This week’s photo is, to say the least, great. I give my offering, which I call “A Change of Plans:”


Hektor sat at the back of the playground, his short leg dangling absent-mindedly over the edge of the block wall; the leg was one thing but the fact that his parents had a thing for ancient Greek names was another problem. From over his shoulder: “Psst! You can go to a place where neither is a problem.”

Hektor spun awkwardly and was alarmed; the playground abutted the national preserve. “Whatever;” he thought as he climbed over, “they won’t miss me.” He wandered into a thickness of trees and found a small man.

“My name is Tebaeus,” the small man said as he reached for Hektor’s hand; Hektor was thrilled to hear another Greek name. “I can take you to your destiny.” They walked together and talked about anger and loneliness. Tebaeus pointed to a certain tree in which was an ancient door. “You must turn the key; joy awaits therein.”

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    1. Thank you, Laura! I can’t take any credit for the photo, but that background gave me the impression of an old and large tree. We have to thank the folks at VisDare for it!

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