Write Now! Prompt for 15 February, 2013: Distant Lover

Our Today’s Author Write Now! post today makes me think of long-distance love:

We’ve spoken often, but we’ve never met.

I’ve put together the following little tome called “Distant Lover:”

Copyright: Moritz Von Schwind

Mother worried about me, living by myself. I try to remind her that I am a man–a man with the ability to be on his own. She hates that I have such a solitary existence and while I do not share this physical space with another, I am far from alone. My mind travels daily across time and space to where my true love is. We connect on a level that is far beyond my mother’s simple understanding; if ever I told her of this, of my abilities, she would send a posse to come rope me and carry me off to the sanitarium. My lover lives on the other side of the universe, across nebulae large; through our spirit and mind we’ve spoken often, but we’ve never met.

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