Līgo Haībun Challenge, 15 February, 2013: Blood for Valentine

The Līgo Haībun Challenge this go-round gives us the concept of bouquet/bouquet of flowers/flower as the prompt. Since we’ve just gotten through Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d do a 220- word continuation of the general theme. I call it “Blood for Valentine:”

Blood is my life’s work,

color of prickly roses.

Valentine’s my name.

the rose

 I can’t understand why Joyce needed to die; she seemed like an okay-enough broad. But I know my place and won’t ask too many questions, which is why I’m still getting paid. Johnny’s outta the business now—fell for his mark and got smoked for it. Sam, Joey, and Matt; all gone too. It’s just me and that mystery dude the Boss contracted with last year. We never got his name, he doesn’t come to the bar; we never got anything on him. It don’t matter; ol’ Valentine’ll get the job done best each and every time.

 Anyhow, it’s cold tonight and I’m waitin’ on this dame to come out; she thinks I’m here to make sure she gets home from the theater safe. I told her I’d be there to make sure no gorillas pick her like ripe fruit. Since it’s a fancy gig, I think she’ll like the rose in my lapel.

 I’ll drop her at the joint and will be waiting at nine sharp to get her home to her boarding house, only I won’t be drivin’ her back there no more. A quick trip to the pier and that’ll end it. That is, if I can figger out how to not get killed first.

Līgo Haībun Challenge

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