Friday Fictioneers, 22 February 2013: Homestead

Ah, how perfect! The Daily Prompt from today made me consider the idea of a homestead, so the Friday Fictioneers prompt has conveniently allowed me to continue what I started in that post. Sort of. I call this 100-word bit, “Homestead,” and we find Jeremiah a few years down the path from where we last saw him…

Copyright: Janet Webb

Jeremiah had done well for himself. Forty years, one wife, and three kids later, he stood on the land given to him by his uncle; the kids had moved on, the wife had died, and time had been kind to him. He still got out and walked the parcel every day, just as he had for the last 40 years. He went down to the old oak to visit Julianne, missing her but comforted by the thought of being planted next to her one day. He took off his hat to wipe the sweat from his brow, and was thankful. 

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  1. Jeremiah has no regrets, since he was able to live his life on his own terms. His peace is knowing he has a future with his deceased wife. Very believable scene you created with this prompt.

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