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Daily Prompt: Side B-Very Sad Love Song

Some of my favorite folks over at the WordPress Daily Prompt are trying to work my brain this Saturday afternoon. The prompt today is

Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.

Take a deep breath, grab your favorite headphones, and make sure the needle is weighted properly; you need a good one for these tracks.

If you didn’t know about the platter that dropped last Sunday, you must have been living under a rock, ya dig? The new hotness is from one of our favorite alternative groups, The Neals. This duo has blessed our ear-holes with some greats, like We’re Movin’ On to CaliforniaNuclear Living, and my personal fav, The Kids Can’t Take It. They scaled back this time and brought a groovy 12″ for our enjoyment. Side A was a deep house dirge called Church Hookie For Love, but the real deal is the B-side, which is total alternative; the group’s female lead, Mom, put together a two-part techno with male lead, Dad, bringing the back-up. You gotta go pick this up before it’s gone, kids, just for that track alone! You’ll be hearing it all over and it’s called simply, Shiva for a Friend.

Perhaps some of my lingo dates me 🙂 Nonetheless, here is a cipher/primer on the post.

  • Our family name is Neal, so it stands to reason that the artists would be, um, the Neals!
  • “We’re Moving On to California” is an ode to our cross-country drive in 2007 from NJ to SoCal.
  • “Nuclear Living” is an ode to our former home in South Jersey, which was within a mile of a nuclear plant; I have some stories lurking that will be more of an ode to that idea 🙂
  • “The Kids Can’t Take It” is for our children, who for most of their lives have hated our rules.
  • “Church Hookie For Love”–we did not attend church last weekend in order to be with a friend during a difficult time.
  • “Shiva for a Friend”–our neighbor and friend was having a memorial last Sunday for her husband who had died suddenly. I was widowed out of my first marriage and she remembered that. Sitting shiva is typically a term attributed to our Hebrew brothers and sisters; it is used to describe how we share our time, spirit, shoulder-to-cry-on, etc. with one who is mourning. Sitting shiva does not involve giving advice, but being present in whatever way the grieving person or family needs. And that is how we spent last weekend.
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