100WCGU, Week 79: Delilah and the Key

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Delilah knew she would be in trouble if she didn’t find it; the key was her mother’s only treasure from her home, the only way she could return there. Delilah had been forbidden to touch it, which made it all the more alluring; she’d taken it out into the noon-day sun, transfixed by the glint of the sun off its angles and curves. Distracted by a butterfly chase, she’d dropped it in the grass of the field; now frantic, she combed the blades on hands and knees, imagining her fate. There would be no way to explain such a loss.

For this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups


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    1. I love your take on the prompt also! I can’t imagine how you felt when you thought you’d lost your mom’s ring! Wow–thank goodness you found it, or this might have been a very different conversation!!

      1. Some other student found it and turned it in. Lol. I couldn’t decide if I should have been happy it was found, or upset that now she knew FOR SURE that it was my fault. Lol.

  1. Poor child – unless she’s very lucky, she’s going to end up in serious trouble, and yet on the other hand I can really feel for her mother too. There’s an air of real life about your story – this is exactly the kind of thing that kids do with no bad intentions, just childish carelessness.

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