DPChallenge: What Does It All Mean?

This week’s challenge asks for a future-look at the condition of our world. I call this little op/ed piece “What Does It All Mean?”

We are in the early part of the 22nd century and are even more beset by forces greater than man. Governments have toppled and gun violence is on the rise; nation-states are being developed around the globe as various cultural dictators use technological manipulation to gain advantage. The most notorious leaders are coming from formerly identified third-world nations, where the development and deployment of multiple boichemical weapons has been discovered. Leaders in the United States, Canada, and the European Alliances–the previous world superpowers–have been shocked into action, having been caught off-guard by the capabilities of peoples believed to be without access or ability. Early warning systems have been enhanced in these so-called first-world nations in preparation for the devastation that is sure to come.

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