Saturday Centus, Week 148: A Response to Dear John

There are times when a photo and a coupla words do wonders, and Saturday Centus does just that. Below find my 108-word piece for this weekend, which I call “A Response to Dear John:”

Courtesy of Jenny Matlock’s place

Your ways made any patience, upon which I might have had a tenuous grip, vanish. Every word uttered from your lips made mine pucker as though I’d sucked on the world’s most sour fruit. How did we come to join up? I cannot recall, but was relieved at the receipt of your correspondence indicating that I should not expect your return. Your pronouncements of doom upon my person are but a comedy to me; I have committed the piece about the ugliness of my visage to memory. To wit: I am thankful for your departure, nay joyfully welcome it, since without you around I sleep like a baby.

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  1. I love this! What a great take on the prompt! I’m afraid my post this week isn’t as sassy as I like it to be. Some days are just like that, eh??

    1. Thank you, Viki! It is just in my nature to go with “unique” Hahaha! Plus I wanted to add a bit of humor to what is usually a sad situation 🙂

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