Write at the Merge, Week 9: Hushed

We have a combo-prompt this week from WATM; give a visit to the website for the particulars and to join in! My offering this go ’round is titled “Hushed:”

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Adnan had never seen weather like this back home. His small village just south of Beirut never saw much; his family was able to visit the resorts from time to time and once got stuck along the Zahleh-Dhour al-Choueir-Tarshish road. Marjanne had insisted they vacation at Lake Tahoe this year and the villa she’d rented was lovely; a snow fall had already dropped a meter and a half of heavy flakes and it was still coming down. He knew Marjanne wanted a romantic getaway but the silence was deafening; she knew nothing of the atrocities Adnan had witnessed as a child and how terrifying it was for him to be in quiet spaces. He surrounded himself with traffic, technology, and hustle-bustle just to drown it out. And here he stood, drink in hand, watching the whiteness gather below him as he ruminated out on the balcony while she was off in the powder room, putting on some dainty frilly thing for his pleasure. He’d spent the better part of the day splitting his focus between her excited chatter and planning what he was going to say to her. Time was running out for him, but he truly loved her and didn’t want anyone else to explain the situation, especially after he was gone. He let out a slow and deep breath, and opened the sliding doors. As he stepped into the large family room, he saw that Marjanne had draped herself in front of the fireplace. She sat up and smiled, studying him. His heart swelled as he stepped fully into the room, the silence of the place even more hushed. With steady footfalls, he came to her, hoping that she would be all right he told her the story; it was rare that anyone could remain fully the same after hearing such a secret revealed.

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    1. Thanks, Morgan! I plan on challenging myself to continue some of the stories as the prompts allow, so we shall see (wiggles eyebrows conspiratorially)…

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