VisDare9: Still Very Superstitious

Okay (takes deep breath). I said I would try to continue my story from last time for Number 9, since, as a newbie to VisDare (relatively speaking) I’d not bitten the bullet as it were and worked hard enough to follow up on my last submission through the new prompt. So here goes. What follows is the next installment of our two friends, Annisa and Evelyn; I actually wrote another piece based on VisDare 8–I’ll have to update you if it gets any traction (translation: ends up published somewhere as a longer piece). This is a different continuation than that one though… I call this “Still Very Superstitious:”

As Annisa and Evelyn scooted onto the subway the small tabby gave them a wide berth and stepped off, seemingly as irritated by them as Annisa was by him. At his departure Annisa seemed to calm down and they settled into their usual ride into the city. The ride was the last usual event for the day, as it turned out.

The train squeaked to a stop at their station and as always Annisa looked left and right before disembarking. She gasped; โ€œWhat is it?โ€ Evelyn had walked up behind her and could not see. As she leaned around, she saw the square. Typically a-bustle with morning foot traffic, it was empty, save for a few stark-faced pairs along the edges and a lone figure seated on the state monument in the center. The gray cloud cover cast a pall over the area, and doom was clearly in the air.

Courtesy: Karishma

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  1. I love this as a follow-on from the previous episode…it’s almost as though someone has deliberately “cleared the air” for quirky Annisa, which is making Evelyn even more suspicious. OK…I’m ready for ANYthing now. What’s next? ๐Ÿ˜€

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