Write 4 Ten, 1 March 2013: Family

Yeah, so I think all of my posts today have dealt with some aspect of family and this one is no different. I call it simply “Family” and it is in response to today’s Write 4 Ten prompt; visit here for the details, m’kay? Thanks, love!

Everyone thought Nolle was beautiful, even if they didn’t say it out loud. She had this long wavy hair, which fit in with Upper Manhattan’s fashionistas–people tried to classify it as “good” hair, but when pressed to define it more specifically they couldn’t. It was full, thick, sometimes Black, sometimes Panamanian, sometimes just mixed, always desired. In the sun it looked slightly blue and everyone whispered that she put a tint in it, even though nobody knew for sure. They watched her every day, especially in summer, when her long athletic legs carried her to and from the subway, which she caught down to the college. She didn’t date boys her age and in fact was rumored to both not date at all and to be betrothed to some island prince; wasn’t she Samoan, after all? Everyone had their theories and argued as they watched her sashay back and forth under their lustful gazes. Both men and women wanted to be near her, some for the same reasons. The men rushed to the stoops along her route, hoping to generate conversation in order to fall under the gaze of her big hazel eyes–they did seem like they were actually gold, but everyone simply said “hazel” to not sound weird. The women tried to act nonchalant but made note of her style and when she wasn’t looking would try and find the same clothes in different colors. And Nolle let them look, let them guess, and loved the fact that everyone had an idea about her and that no one was right; no one bothered to ask her where her parents were from. She was the only one who knew that she got her hair from her mother’s side of the family and her eye color from her dad’s; whenever people from the two warring clans on the small planet in Almach‘s orbit made truce and had children, they all turned out like her. 

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