Saturday Centus, Week 149: Boom

Credit: Kim Vallee

I mixed the butter, flour, sugar, milk, salt, and nitroglycerine in the appropriate amounts, taking care to stir carefully so as not to make the nitro start working too early. I needed this cake to be extra special and to have it go off prematurely would be bad. I had decided a month ago this is how I would do it: on Robbie’s birthday. I’d only told the one person who I knew wouldn’t judge me, who had been through what I’d been through and then some. My Grandma always told me that if I had to kill someone to do it with a bang.

A 105-word offering for Saturday Centus Week 149.

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    1. A case of great minds thinking alike, I am sure 🙂 I didn’t read any posts before writing mine, so that must be the case for both of us! And yes, pie works too! Thank you, Kelly 🙂

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