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    1. True–I’m no fan of kids (the fact that I am a mom is no less than an act of God, who sees more in me than I see in myself), but can’t stand seeing them mistreated.

    1. Thank you, Tom! Gotta watch reading prompts before my commute…37 miles one way is a lot of time to contemplate a story 🙂

  1. Agree love the title, 33 words capturing ‘rape’ (as I read it) was completely believable. To not be able to look at your child that was conceived without permission of any kind….to be reminded because of his eyes… this was well thought and written.

  2. What a terrible thing to feel & say to a child-an innocent soul!My heart bled reading this poignant piece Andree’.Sharp & drove the point home,well done:-)

    1. Thank you–it is sometimes a very sad world in which we live, and as aspiring writers we must also address that underbelly of darkness…

  3. Rape? That’s much darker than how I read it at first. I thought that “took it” somehow meant “he was so good-looking but left me” or something. Well, anyway, it’s sad but well-done. I guess I’ve never heard anyone say he (or she) “took” all the beauty and didn’t leave any for anyone else, but that’s what I was thinking, somehow.

    1. Yes…”took” in this vernacular is usually used to indicate sex by force, or as I mentioned in a previous reply without concern for consequences (as in unprotected).

    1. Thank you, Christine. This was just how it came out…don’t know why… I guess Madame Muse was feeling pain for children that day.

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