Daily Prompt: Agreed

Him: So what do you want for dinner?

Me: It doesn’t matter; what did you take out?

Him: Ground turkey.

Me: What are you going to do with it?

Him: Burgers.

Me: Do we have cheese?

Him: Yes; and those potato rolls.

Me: Mmmmm…cheeseburgers. Cool.

A usual night in our house. My husband asks what I want to eat, I have no opinion; he tells me what he’s taken out and I make a suggestion about it. Or choose to eat something else. When I choose to eat something else, he sighs, knowing I have ever-increasing spells of weird tastes that no chef could tame. We don’t disagree at these times, having been at this dance for 13 years. It’s all love, baby.

In response to today’s Daily Prompt.

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