Saturday Centus, Week One Hundred Fifty: Emergency

Credit: hydrogenated1 at Tumblr “war art”


Sam sat at the desk, thinking about the future that now rested under the tip of his right index finger. He had followed all the protocols in the dusty book that had sat in the bottom drawer for the six years he had been in office and for many more before. He was the 52nd president of the United North American Conglomerate and times were tough. The talks had stalled months ago and the United Nations had disbanded. He looked at the family photo, picked up the phone, called the Cabinet, and said the two words the Speaker dreaded most: “Code Red.”

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  1. Foreshadowing one of my biggest fears.

    I read this with my mouth open and terror in my heart.

    Great and powerful writing here.

    Brilliant, my dear. Brilliant.

    1. {curtsies awkwardly} Thank you so much, Jenny! I appreciate your comments. I too worry about the future of our planet, knowing that somewhere there are folks whose fingers sit nervously above the trigger.
      Thank you as always for stopping in!

  2. So cool and so chilling. I’m a child of the cold war. My son and I have discussed how growing up during the cold war colors everything I think or write.
    His generation doesn’t have to worry so much about a thermonuclear war that blasts the planet to ash. They have to worry about things like dirty bombs and global warming.

    1. And dirty bombs and global warming seems to not instill as much fear and dread as the cold war did for us. Strange… Thank you for sharing, Lily!

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