100 WCGU #80: Voices In My Head

I went to the show, despite the pounding in my head; I knew it was Joel, knocking to get out but I really liked this girl. She sat down the row from me in English Literature 103. I arrived early, she always arrived late; if I needed to go to the restroom I had to climb over her to get out. That is how we met. Her name is Judy and she is pretty. Joel likes her too and since he knows I am here at this play with her, he’s banging. I’d kill him, but it would end me.

Written for this week’s 100 WCGU (bold print designates the prompt). Go visit and join in!

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  1. a lot scarier than my own niggly voice that doesn’t so much pound as scratch! Good fun piece, in a threatening kind of way!

    1. Hahaha! Dee 🙂 Yes, I think we all have voices of some sort in our heads, but I wanted to suggest something a bit scarier, yes.

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