Friday Fictioneers, 15 March 2013: One Mite, Pt. 4

The women’s department was on the next floor; at first the spiral staircase had looked intimidating, especially for a girl whose food supply had been woefully lacking due to her trying to be thrifty. As Sara-Jane reached the landing, she was distracted by a flower on the windowsill; it wasn’t so much the flower but the fascinating view behind it. The discount store sat squashed between two other buildings and any available windows would look out on brickface. Someone had artfully placed a realistic image of a distant cityscape on the window. As Sara-Jane stood admiring, someone called to her.

Copyright – Lora Mitchell

Part of a continuing series written for Friday Fictioneers.

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  1. I like the idea of the picture being a mural and you tied in the previous story nicely with your mention of the spiral stairs. I’ll look forward to finding out next week what happens next.

    Just one thing–lose both semicolons and make two seperate sentences out of the two that are joined that way. 🙂


  2. What a nice take on the prompt! It makes me want to know more about the character’s background!

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