VisDare11: Superstitious, Pt. 4

Evelyn rolled her eyes; Annisa was hopeless. However, whatever she was saying during her commune with the snails was doing something: the ground beneath them started to shake. She grabbed Annisa’s arm, causing her to shout, “Hey! What are you doing? I wasn’t fini–”

Annisa ended her sentence in a gasp of air as she finally looked around to see why Evelyn had grabbed her. The landscape around them was changing; the buildings were gone and the snails, along with their statuesque perch, were disappearing. Everything was spinning and below them, a vortex had appeared.

Credit: Karishma

“Is that a farm?” Evelyn was astonished, not so much by what she saw but by the fact that she would recognize a farm outside of a picture book. She was so much a girl of the cities and suburbs.

Annisa’s voice was distant. “I hope not, because it’s harvest preparation and sacrifice time.”

Written for VisDare11 and in continuation

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  1. I LOVE where you’re taking this story!! I do hope you work on fleshing this out in to a cohesive, longer work at some point. I am completely intrigued by where this sudden whirlpool of color and place will take them — and Anissa’s assessment in the last line sounds very forbidding. Something tells me that where they’re going, Anissa will be the strong one, instead of the other way around….

    1. Thank you, Angela! I await the leading of Madame Muse, but I suspect you are correct–Annisa will emerge to be the leader of this twosome 🙂

    1. 🙂
      And this is just the start! I have a novella I would like to do during Camp NaNoWriMo next month and a book of short stories during the regular NaNoWriMo in November. All I. Addition to the day job 🙂

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