Daily Prompt: All My Children

Yeah, okay; I know I said I didn’t fool with kids, but this is different. At today’s Daily Prompt, the question was

Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

(Bonus points for adorable animal photos, and double bonus if they’re taken with your phone!)

In addition to the two two-legged animals in the house besides yours truly, there are four four-legged ones. There are two cats, neither of whom want to pose for photos these days. Here are two pictures from their earlier years:

PJ (old photo, not from phone)
Tigger  (old photo, not from phone)

PJ and Tigger are actually brothers. We adopted their mom before we moved from NJ, not knowing she was pregnant. She had two boys and two girls; she and the two girls moved out and the boys stayed. They are now five years old and each is pushing about 20 pounds.

However, I grew up with dog siblings, not cat siblings. After much whining and pining, my dear husband said that we should get a dog. After a bit of resistance, I acquiesced and began searching for the right one. I found a sad little pooch who we nabbed and gave the name Pi because his ears were folded on top of his head, making him look like the math symbol. I soon decided he was lonely and needed another canine companion. I again began my search and found a little girl we named Sputnik, in homage to a dog Christopher’s aunt and uncle had many years ago.

Now, let me say I can’t do those little dogs; you know–the ones that come up to your ankle? I didn’t know what these two were going to turn into, but am pleased with them both in the end. Pi (72 pounds), whose birthday was in December, is now a year and a few months and Sputnik (53 pounds) is just a year, having flipped the meter last month. They are both fabulous:

Pi (taken with phone in December)
Pi (taken with phone in December)
Sputnik (taken with phone in December)
Sputnik (taken with phone in December)

Our house wouldn’t be right without all these destructive critters. They eat things (like rugs, couches, and the occasional shoe–Sputnik anyway; Pi figured out that food is much more interesting than any of that stuff), make mayhem, and are generally a laugh-riot when they aren’t making us furious. However, they are also very protective of us and our strange little abode.

They are my joy, truly. I could have the world’s worst day and when I get home, I look into these two faces. Next to smooches from Christopher, there’s nothing better than that. And first thing in the morning, I hear their jingling collars; one or most likely both of them are there at the side of the bed, smiling. That’s more than most of us get in an entire day and I get it every morning. Again, there’s nothing better.

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    1. You should see them when they all get going; it’s like the Indy 500 through the entire house. Sputnik wants to be a mom so bad and had adopted PJ as her primary baby because Tigger ain’t having any of it. She does try. Mind you, both cats are now going on 6 and each weighs about 20 pounds. No push-overs there…

      1. Soooo cute. I bet they can create havoc when they’re all going. I often wonder what my dog would do if I had another one, but seeing as I rent, one of each is enough. Sometimes, too much. 😉

        1. Ha! We would be doomed with these two if we rented. They’ve mangled the yard and eaten the furniture (when they were small). Pi was lonely which is what led to the acquisition of Sputnik…couldn’t let him be lonely 😉

          1. Yup. same here, but fortunately, I rent from a friend who lives with me and he loves my dog. I would love to have my own little house someday so I could adopt a billion animals. Maybe it’s for the best that I don’t. 😉

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