Daily Prompt: Leave Me Alone

I have said quite a few times that if I could live in a cave–so long as it had wireless access and an unending supply of chai tea latte–by myself and be quite content. My dear Christopher is the people-person for sure and I tend to take up the rear. I can stay home, sit in my little writing corner, and not go outside for days at a time.

People find that interesting because I am an only child and there is this sort of impression that because so many of us have lived alone mostly that we are craving the presence of others. Not so much for me. I enjoy solitude and always have and don’t envision that changing anytime soon. As you can imagine, it’s truly a joy for my family, living with a hermit…

This, for today’s Daily Prompt.

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  1. I’ve always been perfectly happy to entertain myself. When I was younger I would contently play with my toys in my room alone. Since high school and college where social interaction is pretty much a requirement, I have also been just as happy to pull up a book or turn on the TV and spend the days tucked away from the world. On the flip side though, when I do get pulled into a social setting, I usually end up enjoying those as well. I think I just like everything. 😛

    1. Hahaha! I manage to (mostly) not embarrass my family/friends when obligated to participate in social gatherings, but there are times when it is tough! I read one explanation of the Meyers-Briggs that indicated while introverts do okay in public settings can be exhausting for them and afterward they need solitude to recharge. Amen!

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