VisDare 12: Superstitious, Pt. 5

Evelyn was surprised at the ease with which they came to a stop in the grass. She continued to look up as the vortex slowly dissipated and watched the square wink out far above them. Annisa still seemed upset but was quiet for a moment. Evelyn whispered, “Annisa—it’s not just a farm, there is a whole town here.”

Annisa responded by grabbing her hand; she had pulled her sleeve down like a glove and even in the midst of this weird turn of events, Evelyn had to smile at her dear friend’s quirky nature. Annisa pulled her toward what looked like a church. “C’mon, quick,” she whispered back as they began to trot.

Evelyn was becoming uneasy. “Where are we going?”

“If what I said earlier is correct, we need to be in a safe place before nightfall.” Annisa replied.

“What will we do in the church?”

“We wait.”

Courtesy: karishma

For Visdare12, a 150-word continuation. For the first four parts, visit here.

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  1. NICE! Annisa is taking the lead, and yet her little quirks aren’t going anywhere…the sleeve-as-glove comment was a nice touch. I wonder if they’ll be waiting alone in the church…or if something else is waiting for them. 🙂

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