100 WCGU #81: Easter Shopping

Daisy held tightly to her mom’s hand as they walked into WalMart; she was three and the doors were still scary. She jumped over the threshold and was pleased at herself for not getting grabbed by the swiftly moving walls. As her mom pulled her toward the shoe section to find a replacement for the Easter sandals she had outgrown from last year, she found herself staring at the holiday candy display. Her eyes grew wide and her stomach started to growl; looking at all of that chocolate made her think about all the meals she’d missed the days before.

A 100-word vision in response to this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups. Add yours, here:

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    1. Yes, unfortunately the times that are happy for some are not so for others, and we must be mindful of that as we navigate through life…

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