Irresistable Shares: Bloggers for Peace…

My favorite Bible verse is Psalm 34:14b:

Seek peace, and pursue it.

There is something very comforting about that verse and I use it to sign my emails and on various message board posts. I hope that it brings comfort to those who need it because there are times when nothing we do can quiet a restless heart.

I have spent quite a good portion of my life not having peace. I still have moments when I am completely out of sorts; I realize that writing helps, that reading helps, that being out in the sun helps, that good driving days help.

I do not spend as much time as I should, seeking peace, pursuing peace; I become concerned that I am the source of angst for others–that I may be the opposite of peace for others. I am saddened by this thought.

So I keep that verse, front and center, in an effort to remember my purpose here on this planet: I am to seek, pursue, and offer peace…

In brief response to Bloggers for Peace.

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