Saturday Centus, Week 153: Neptune’s Lovers

Our fingers entwined like ribbons of light; we floated together in the methane, loving the red light that bounced around us, wishing we could see blue like the images we intercepted from the Earth communications. They call our planet Neptune, but we call it Mother; from her winds we are born, beings of hydrogen and helium, which allow us to fly, like light, through the icy clouds. She had already been promised to me in betrothal and we were taking our maiden flight. We saw Galatea, Mother’s third largest satellite, as it crossed.


“Did you see that light?” the Voyager 3 pilot asked as they circled again.

Written for this week’s Saturday Centus. Click below to add yours. Note: I chose Neptune and the photo above because the color in this image would make a perfect Easter egg dye… Enjoy your Resurrection Day!

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