Prompts for the Promptless, Episode 7: The Ultimate Price

It gasped, knowing: how it knew, it did not understand. A moment before, it had been unformed—a nameless void—and now it was formed and knew the joy of being. It felt other parts of itself as those parts were created, and learned the difference between light and darkness. Its artist-creator grew ever more bold; with rapid thought, stars, sky, water, dirt, and air became. It felt the joy of the artist-creator as the first flying-crawling-screaming-walking-eating things became.

Time moved and it came to know a different sensation; the artist-creator had made offspring and they had become unruly. The artist-creator fashioned a special gift, made from deep within himself, and gave that gift to the offspring; they destroyed the gift and the before-nameless void felt sadness at the loss. It gasped again, this time understanding what it knew: the artist-creator had paid the ultimate price for his offspring.

Ah, Rara knows timing. This week’s installment asks us to consider the implications of True Cost and having just come away from Lent, Good Friday, Easter, and Passover, it seemed fitting to go to  the price of the Cross.

I was driving this morning and a thought [if creation itself were a being, what would it be like?] popped into my mind. I hadn’t seen the prompt yet, but now I know why I had that thought…

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  1. Powerful and poetic. I love the question you pondered to yourself, and the fact that it popped into your mind at all. 😀 Your mind is a fabulous place, thank you for sharing peeks into it with us!

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