Camp NNWM, Day 8, Plus a Slight Detour

Average Words Per Day 584

Your Average Per Day 694

Words Written Today 753

Target Word Count 17,500

Total Words Written 5,558

Words Remaining 11,942

Current Day 8

Days Remaining 23

At This Rate You Will Finish On April 26, 2013

Words Per Day To Finish On Time 520

My stat’s from today at Camp NaNoWriMo.

So my slight detour came at about 2:30am this morning in the form of an epiphany about the November NaNo. Had a plan and notes for the collection of short stories that would flow easily through my fingers and WHAM! the plan changed. Still a collection of short stories, but now just a different collection. Go figure…

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  1. I have middle-of-the-night revelations like that as well, but usually forget them before I wake up. I’ve now set a digital voice recorder on my bedside.

    1. Great idea! I still do a pad and pencil. Hysterical laughter usually ensues once daylight strikes my in-darkness strokes on the page 🙂 Abstract art 🙂

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