Camp NNWM, Day 21: Back In Stride Again

Average Words Per Day 584

Your Average Per Day 770

Words Written Today 389

Target Word Count 17,500

Total Words Written 16,179

Words Remaining 1,321

Current Day 21

Days Remaining 10

At This Rate You Will Finish On April 23, 2013

Words Per Day To Finish On Time 133

My stat’s from today at Camp NaNoWriMo.

Yes, my homage to Frankie Beverly and Maze comes this morning as the counting gnomes and I are once again in harmony. I am at a tense moment in the action and while I am loath to leave the world of my characters, I am on to lead Sunday School today. Must dash for now, but my trusty .5mm mechanical pencil and notebook #3 (I use small notebooks and for this project I have gone through two others in the writing process) will be waiting for me when we get home this afternoon. I plan to get a bit of a start on what I’ll type tomorrow and post. I hope to be down into the hundreds by then! Tune in for tomorrow’s episode to find out.

Happy writing, fellow campers!

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