Saturday Centus, Week 153: The Letter

Courtesy: Carl Hawke

Dear John,

 I anxiously await your return. The noises had gotten louder in the basement and I had no choice but to open a hole. I remember what you told me, that I must keep the basement door locked when I sleep and I’ve done that every night. I am sorry for making such a mess but the noise was driving me insane. I went down to talk with them the other morning and they seem so nice. I don’t care much for the way they look at me; so many eyes, so many teeth. Must go, they’re calling.

 Yours ever,


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  1. Okay.

    I am seriously creeped out.

    You had me scared at the picture.


    What a neat, neat, neat, neat use of this prompt!

    Love your style!

    1. 😀 I read your comment to my husband who promptly began calling me Mrs. Phibes (if you search through my previous posts you’ll see my love of the Phibes films) since he says my sense of the macabre warrants a marriage to Vincent Price 😀
      Thanks as always for your encouragement!

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