Tuesday Confessions: Slightly Tarnished and Late on the Scene

Well, this is certainly embarrassing. It seems my shine has gotten a bit tarnished…

It seems that while I was in the depths of my Camp NaNo experiences last week, His Royalness over at thematticuskingdom nominated this bloggy space for an award, thusly:

Thank you, sir, and forgive the tardy nature of my thanks.

The rules for said award are

“The Shine On Award requires you to nominate 15 other blogs, who in turn can post this award on their own sites and nominate others for the award.  It also requires that you then list a few other blogs that tickle your fancy.”

I happen to like quite a few different bloggy spaces myself and while I am not limiting this list in any way, here are some (in no particular order other than how I clicked through my reader to grab their web addresses) you may want to check out.

I could go on and list others that I read, like this one, or maybe…, or perhaps… but I’ll let you go find your own adventures.

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  1. No apology necessary! Especially when you call me “his royalness!” You’ve got a few call outs that I’m not yet familiar with – I’m going to have to go check out their blogs poste haste! 😀

  2. The Jester strikes again. As the newly dubbed “scribe of the kingdom”, allow me to add my congrats to the honor of “his royalness”.

    1. Oh, yes–I’ll need to work on an equally impressive moniker for you as well since you are the kingdom scribe and all… how about “Grand Executor of Wisdom Texts”?

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