Should Food Stamps be Accepted at Restaurants?

Survival and society; while I would not advocate for anyone on Food Stamps to try and eat out for every meal, I agree with this author, particularly about how one is to survive in a situation where it is impossible to cook and such. Also, how we define ‘restaurant’ should be examined. Chances are, someone who has paid into the social system and finds themselves in need of a fresh start will not take said assistance and eat at the most expensive dining establishment to be found. Such an individual would, in most cases, do as the author says–go in for a ‘once in a while’ meal. To walk even a block in someone else’s shoes, one must first put on empathy…

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  1. This piece has deeply upset me. Hungry people need to be fed, full stop. I cannot fathom how anyone could leave a comment suggesting that poor people don’t deserve to eat restaurant food, that they don’t deserve treats – what the hell is that about? Gosh. : (

    1. I agree with you completely. And as I tried to say in the comment that I left (in agreement with the blogger), the opportunity to use this benefit in eateries will help those unable to access hot food or who cannot keep food for extended periods of time. The benefit can be used in corner markets an so on, where any type of food item is often more expensive, so why not at a restaurant? People forget about equitable society when they have never suffered. It made me upset too!

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