Just for a Laugh Tuesday: IRS Pay-Off

IRS <no-reply@alfnyhost.com>

9:45 AM

to undisclosed recipients

Date    30 04 2012

Our Ref.          S/22234/12

Your Ref.        18B/7331/12


De ar Taxpayer,

I am sending this email to announce: After the last annual calculation of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax return of: $343.5 5

In order to recieve the excess payment, you need to create an e-Refund acocunt.

Please click “Register” below to create an e-Refund acocunt:

Found this gem in my spam a little while ago.

Someone took the time to write this (spelling errors and all–at least he or she was consistent with the “acocunt,” about which I could develop a terrible and in all cases offensive post, but so as not to upset my own digestion I will not) and send it out to a bunch of people (note the “undisclosed recipients”). The best part of the message is this, posted wisely at the top along with an invitation to view images, from our good friends the email nymphs at Google:

Why is this message in Spam? It contains content that’s typically used in spam messages.

“Content that’s typically used in spam messages?!” Is this the oh-so-very casual response of someone assigned to verify the contents of spam messages? Does this individual have a computer full of Excel spreadsheets with which he or she can provide a detailed analysis of the last 10 years of typical spam message lingo?

Thanks, and have a great day.

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  1. I find spam like that kind of cute and endearing at times, since it seems like such a pathetic attempt. At least I hope no one falls for it.

    1. Agreed–folks are trying very hard in some ways, it seems; such messages have an odd sense of hope. I suspect there are people still falling for them because every now and again the stories air on the news. Sad, but true.

  2. I can never get over how the WordPress Spam messages are amongst the nicest, most complimentary posts that appear in the comment boxes…. oh it is so tempting to post them! 😉

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