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    1. Well, I don’t know about propaganda or whether it is poor work, but I decided to reblog it because I believe personally that the system needs to be revamped. I have nothing against gun ownership but something needs to change, somewhere. And I thought the cartoon choices were decent.

      1. Sorry, I do struggle with my inner Troll.

        I’m calling it out for being propaganda is all. By ‘propaganda’ I mean – it’s simply an emotive story with a single political purpose, to solicit sympathy for one side of a political argument and demonise the other. What it is not – is any sort of genuine social commentary, so it seems insidious to me because its trying to garner precisely that sort of social currency / credibility by association with those cartoonists… so its not what its pretending to be.

        I’ll go back under my bridge now. lol ; ) x

        1. Ah, okay–that makes sense (the propaganda bit, not so much on the inner troll…or maybe it’s because I too am unknowingly struggling with my own inner troll that I missed seeing yours?). I can definitely see the need for a balanced argument because as you point out, there are some cartoonists out there who feel differently and it would have been interesting to include both sides.
          Considering how hot it will be near my house today, I might need to steal a corner under that bridge… 😀

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