Prompts for the Promptless, Episode 11: The Wrong Script

“No, no, no!” Timmy wailed, “You’ve got the wrong script, you dolt!” Harold was not pleased at being called a dolt, nor was he thrilled by Timmy’s shrill yelling. He crossed his arms and stomped to the other side of the yard; Timmy had gotten a swelled head since being voted director. “Wait!” Timmy tripped as he ran over; he couldn’t think of how to impress upon his comrades the importance of getting the remake absolutely perfect and that first the key was to have the correct script. Also, keeping track of such nuances was difficult when the director was six years old. “Harold—I’m sorry.” He caught up to his friend and tried to make it better.

Harold’s eyes were rimmed with tears. “You don’t understand,” he said. “We simply can’t do a remake of The Herculoids.”

Timmy had done a smashing job of convincing the others that The Herculoids was the best choice. Now Harold had backed out and had instead brought him the Jonny Quest script. “So tell me why we can’t do the Herculoids,” he demanded. “But before you do, remember that we all agreed that it was the best show on Boomerang and that it would be cool to remake it.”

Harold’s lip trembled. If we do The Herculoids, who’s gonna be Tarra?”

Timmy looked across the yard, dismayed; they hadn’t thought about that. And as he looked at Johnny, Matt, and Stewart, he figured none of them had long enough hair to properly do the job of being the hero’s wife. He held out his hand for the Jonny Quest script. “Jonny Quest it is then,” he sighed.

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