VisDare 18: Gone Fishing

Evelyn knew he was in there; when her dad had pulled the fish onto the boat, she’d seen the man. Dad had said Wow, that hook came out easily as the curved shiny metal had slid from the left gill without resistance. Evelyn had seen the man’s hand as he pushed the hook out. She surmised he lived in the fish and was determined to find out why. Once on shore, her dad tossed the fish onto the boardwalk and hoisted her up. She bent down, eye-level, with the beast. “Hellooo!” she called into its mouth as it gawped for air.

“Go away,” echoed back to her.

She got even closer, almost completing a full split to do so. “What are you doing in there?”

“What are you doing out there?” It could have only been the little man.

Her dad smiled and snapped the photo for their family album.

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Yes, I decided to veer away from my continuing saga of Annisa and Evelyn’s exploits and instead offer this 150-word tidbit to get back into the swing of things.

Stop on by Anonymous Legacy and add yours before the big one gets away. The big idea, that is.

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  1. Cute story! I love that we both had little girls looking for something in the fish. I wonder what that little man will do when the fish is gutted.

    1. It all depends on how persuasive the little girl is; if I had continued, her dad would have next asked, “Who are you talking to?” 😀

  2. I wanna be the voice inside the fish; not a man but the similitude of myself. Having gone fishing many times; it was always about my dad and mom. Mom always got her dander up because dad drank. I love her very much but realize she was very bitter and it ruined our fun.

    1. Marian–what a wonderfully intriguing idea, for there to be a voice inside the fish and not a physical person. It could go in so many different directions: the voice could be some representation of the girl, her dad, or any other person.
      Thank you for sharing your story. I am so sorry that such potentially good times were upset for you. It seems that, while we may all have different opinions about the behavior, drinking has been a part of fishing experiences.
      Thanks for popping in and I hope you’ll visit again!

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