Picture it & Write, 5 May 2013: Witch versus Warlock 2

The next morning, he found himself in a most peculiar situation; he remembered dreaming terrible dreams, having been caught under the witch’s spell the night before. Now here he was in the light of day, naked. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, he was holding an unfamiliar wand and was cramped into a clear cauldron with sweet-smelling (yet undoubtedly poisonous–nothing so colorful could be safe) rings. And there was the witch, cackling with her face pressed tightly to the back of some sinister-looking device she had pointed directly at him. He mustered his courage and prayed that the unfamiliar wand would agree to work for him. As the witch’s device began to whir and flash at him, he wondered at his fate.

Hello folks! It seems that babies are the theme of the day today. This is a continuation of a little story I wrote for the Saturday Centus this week; it just fit so well! Go check out the other fine stories over at Picture It & Write by clicking below; add your contribution while you’re there!

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