Saturday Centus, Week 158: Witch versus Warlock

He had not been able to fight long or hard enough this time; tears had failed. When she’d uttered the words, said the incantation out loud, his powers had vanished. He had seen her coming through the bars of the topless cage in which she had imprisoned him and although he had managed to slip its bonds a few dozen times, she invariably found him and placed him back within it, cooing fake words of comfort. He had planned to wait her out this time but had not succeeded. She had won. “Sleep my child, and peace attend thee,” she’d said as he fell under the spell.

Ah, nothing like a sleeping child, especially if you place it in my clutches. Oh, sorry–hi there! Jenny over at Saturday Centus gave us this interesting little prompt with which we were asked to deliver 107 words. Find mine above. Click below to add yours.


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    1. Thank you, Karen! I don’t do all that great with cute sometimes (although I have become pretty adept at giving compliments to people about their children and grandchildren), but I can find some way to make something adorable have a bit of creepy 🙂

  1. Oh wow.

    I love the topless cage.

    Are we chained by our babies schedules?

    Or are they merely chained to ours?

    Superb writing. I really enjoyed this.

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