100 WCGU #88: Storage Before Disposal

Warning: this is something of a macabre piece.

Be quiet, you!

Nobody asked you to comment.

Just because a few of my posts um, er… lean toward creepy does not mean you can comment.

Now get back in your cave and let the nice people read on…

He had loved her once, but as time went by the pain of her betrayals had ruined him. He was laughed at by his work colleagues because she had been at a few of them during the office holiday party. He had done his research and had figured out how to make her completely biodegradable. He would pack her away and dispose of the bits a little at a time; she didn’t cook so the freezer was empty. “Parting is such sweet sorrow,” he said as he put away another part of her, “but this time, there is no tomorrow.”

Julie over at 100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups pointed us to a Shakespeare line. Click below to add your contribution…


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    1. Thank you, Sally-Jane 🙂 yes, if you wander through my bloggy-space, you’ll most likely find at least a pinch of macabre, a dash of creepy, and a few spoonfuls of just plain weird.

    1. That.site.is.awesome. I just “followed” (or “pulled up a glass of Shine, as it were…), and will be awaiting posts via email, which I also just signed up for. Yeah! Thanks, Cie!

  1. Woah!He doesnt mess about does he!
    This was my first go at the 100 word challenge and I loved it and now Im reading through what you guys have written 🙂

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