Story A Day #6: Lost

“I’m telling you, it’s over here, to the left!” She was whisper-shouting at me again; if there were no people milling about she would assuredly shout for true. I almost hated traveling with her, but I loved her so I put up with it. By the time we had landed in Morocco, I calculated we had been together almost 25 years to the day. As we loaded our gear into the car for the drive into Marrakesh, I figured we were holding steady at about 3 arguments a day, which brought our grand total to 27,373; this one would make 27,374. Here we were, on what was supposed to be a romantic trip I’d planned to the Majorelle Garden and she’d taken over. Again. I wanted to see the cactus collection and take photos of them in front of some of the bleu Majorelle buildings; I had a specific one in mind and from the guide map I had, it should have been just along the treeline near Rue Al Madina; she insisted that it was to the left and way on the other side of the gardens.

I decided to try and change tactics. “Darling, why don’t we go to the bird-watching exhibit; you know they have 15 different species here.”

She looked at me with contempt. “And why would I want to do that? That exhibit,” she paused to contemplate the guide map and I didn’t have the heart to tell her she had it upside down, “is way over there.” She paused again, looked around, and regarded me out of the corner of her eyes as she turned the map right side up, at which point she realized that I was correct about the cacti being to the left. “Ehem, uh,” she stalled, “you know, it seems that the bleu Majorelle you were wanting to see is just there, to the left.”

“Really? Oh, do you mind if we go?” I didn’t want to reach 27,375 so quickly.

She smiled, happy to oblige her poor lost husband. “Of course, dear. I know you’ve wanted to see that.” She glanced at the brochure again and added, “I see here that the ashes of Yves Saint-Laurent were scattered here; think there are any left to see?” She grasped my arm and swung me round to begin our tour properly.

Today’s Story A Day sent us on a tour of the map. I have wanted to go to Marrakesh for some time now but have not had the cash or the fortitude to do so in such turbulent times. I used a Google Earth to search out Morocco and the lovely prompts on the side directed me to some landmarks. As it turned out, Majorelle Garden is in Marrakesh; guess I’ll have to visit one day, should I make it there and fortunately for me, I love adventures so I would hope that in my excitement I would not be like my character’s wife. Feel free to consult my Christopher to determine whether I would try to direct all of our expedition. On second thought, don’t.

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