Daily Post: Takeaway, Without a Box

The Daily Prompt today asks us to put together our collective knowledge to lend a hand to our fellow bloggers:

Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging.

If you’re a new blogger, what’s one question you’d like to ask other bloggers?

As a relatively new blogger (just got into the flow toward the end of last year), my question would be how to increase readership/followers who are interested in my genre without wearing myself out with self-promotion (as I see some sites suggest). Is it simply a matter of proper timing and connections?

My coupla cents advice? Here goes, in no particular order:

  • Read, read, read some more. WordPress is very helpful in this respect because it allows us to select topics of interest on the “Reader” page. If you are new to WP, go check it out–type in a word or two and voila! in the main pane you’ll begin to see blogs that are related to the topic you’ve selected. Then you have a choice of blogs to peek at and (hopefully) follow. You can have the blogger’s posts sent directly to your email box where you can enjoy them in leisurely fashion.
  • Did I mention reading? The good thing about bloggy spaces is that they are quite vast. You can find great resources that will help with your writing. (Warning: selfless plug next…) Take a wander around sites like this, where you can find tips for good writing as well as writing markets and more.
  • Write, write, write some more. You can’t improve until you put your work out there. Granted, you need to be prepared for the experience of receiving (and ultimately giving) constructive criticism; sometimes it will be great and sometimes, not so much. But it’s the ‘not so much’ that helps you grow as a writer.
  • Be consistent. If you haven’t heard that before, get that in your spirit now. If you don’t plan on posting every day, keep a schedule. If you are a twice a week writer, do it. If you are more of a once a week person, stay with it. If you get a decent readership and all of a sudden you disappear without warning, folks may get bored and wander off (or even worse, they might forget about you. Sniff.)

And there you have it. At least from me. Check out the other posts at the Daily Prompt for more!

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  1. I generally aim to write 1-3 posts a week, but I don’t like tying myself to a specific schedule. I usually know when I haven’t posted in a few days and need to come back to it. With the ability for readers and followers to set up RSS feeds and use the WordPress Reader, I wonder if it’s still true that if I wander away for a few days, or don’t adhere to a strict schedule, that I will lose my audience?

    1. It’s possible, particularly if your readers are also reading other blogs (I follow over 100 blogs, most of which post every day). For me, it’s not so much that I stop reading those who don’t post regularly–it’s more that I forget about them. I get their updates via RSS or WP Reader and it’s usually a surprise when a new post pops in. There is something to be said for regularity and 1-3 posts a week (even if the days are different) is great! Keep it up!

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